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I just had some great fun with this! I created a ‘Video’ board and before I add any more, I just had to share with you how easy it is to do! 


 You will need:

  • Pinterest account
  • YouTube account
  • PC or Laptop
  • About 5 minutes or less 🙂

If you haven’t already, create a board for your videos, give it a name and a description.

 Next, if you already know which video you’d like to pin, you will need the short link that leads directly to the video of your choice on YouTube. If you’ve ever shared video’s on Facebook before, you may already know how to do this.

 To get the short link to a video, simply go to the video, click ‘share’ which is found under the video (ensure that the ‘share this video’ tab is selected and not the ‘Embed’ tab. Copy the short code that comes up in the horizontal skinny box underneath (to copy, highlight, right click mouse, copy).

 The copy will remain on your ‘clipboard’ until you either paste it or undo this action 🙂

 Go to your Pinterest account, select ‘Your Profile and Pins’ from the drop down when you click on your name at the top right hand side of the page.

 Click on your newly created ‘Video’ board.

Screenshot 2014-07-07 15.07.13


Click on Add new Pin

Select ‘From The Web’ of the options as to where you want to get your pin information from.

Paste (by right clicking your mouse and pasting) the short link you just copied into the ‘Add a Pin from a website’ box.

You will then be taken to a page with the images for the video. Select one of the images.

Now, write a description for the video you are pinning. At the end of your description, again right click your mouse and paste the short link so that it is included in your description. Then click PIN it!

If like me, you don’t have any video’s of your own just yet (well I do but nothing that I want to go viral just yet!) you are probably going to Pin other people’s videos on your board.

BUT can you see the implications if the videos are yours?

My PIN was shared on my Facebook profile which was linked then to be shared via Twitter also. So within a couple of clicks, I broadcast to three social media platforms possibly exposing my activity to hundreds of thousands of those social media users – as I always share publicly


Pinterest is a great way to share expertise.

As you can see from the first video I have pinned, it is of Brendan Burchard presenting to his audience. 

Screenshot2 2014-07-07 15.07.28







Other ideas for using videos on Pinterest include:

  • A contractor could create a huge following with a video series of simple household repair tips.
  • If you’re a realtor or an interior designer, Pinterest is a great place to show off a beautiful home.
  • Landscapers can also show off their work
  • A chef or baker can demonstrate a favourite recipe – Just to name a few!

A great way to take advantage of the social aspects of Pinterest is to create a collaborative board. If you’re connected with your friends, customers or stake holders, add them to a collaborative board and invite them to post their videos…

If you have a brick and mortar store, encourage customers to shoot a quick video of the product they’ve just bought. Reward those who share their videos on Pinterest or who add content to your collaborative board.

 If you embed a lot of videos on your website or blog, ask visitors to pin your video. Many Pinterest users have browser plugins that allow them to easily pin website content. As you produce your videos, keep Pinterest in mind. You may find yourself making videos exclusively for Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to ask people within your video to re-pin it after they’ve watched.


 As Pinterest continues to grow and evolve, video content will become more common-place. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor. Learning about Pinterest is actually fun yet challenging.

 It is true that many people have taken advantage of such social media. It will be a wise decision on your end as an entrepreneur if you utilize every social media available. This will definitely lead you to acquiring many viewers to help your business grow.


If you prefer video tutorials to learn how to use applications, you might enjoy this Video series. I believe it is only 99 cents to access at the time of publishing this article so check it out.

If you missed the first chapter of Pinterest for Beginners, ‘How To Use Pinterest’ Find it HERE 

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18 comments on “Video on Pinterest
  1. Dexter Roona says:

    Awesome Sonia…. i have been using Pinterest for a long time and do pin videos but not to specific video boards, i tend to post them on on related boards with pictures so for example i will have an infobunny board and i will pin all my articles images to that board and also videos if they are on my site, if the video was for say a cashunite then i will post it to a specific board for the business where there are also cashunite images …. i do this so as to make the boards as big and active as possible.
    regards Dexter
    Dexter Roona recently posted…Boost Social Media Sharing With Social LockerMy Profile

  2. Thank you Sonia for sharing! I did not know you could do this with video 🙂 Shared for you and definately will be looking more into this 😉 Great post!!
    Joan Harrington recently posted…Do You Include These Relationship Builders In Your Content?My Profile

  3. Beth Hewitt says:

    Hey Sonia,

    Great post, pinning videos is something, I forget about so thank you for the reminder.

    Beth 🙂
    Beth Hewitt recently posted…Introducing SimpleBlogHourMy Profile

  4. Hi Sonia,

    Great post. I had no idea you could pin videos now too. I will definitely be creating a board for videos. Thanks for sharing. There is so much stuff out there one person could never find it all, that’s why our group is so great for sharing.

    Have a great day. Monna
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…#6 Pinterest – 6 Part Social Media Series -Cross PostingMy Profile

  5. Lauren K says:

    I would have never though to do video posts on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing such a great idea. I am going to have to try this sometime. I think putting a face with the information makes it easier to relate to and remember.
    Lauren K recently posted…#justonemindMy Profile

  6. Sue Bride says:

    I use Pinterest a lot and knew that you can add videos but I didn’t know how. I’m too used to just using website pin buttons or my browser bookmarklet to add images and I knew you couldn’t pin them using those.

    I have a general marketing board but a specific board for marketing videos would stop them getting lost off the page. Like Dexter I’d use specific folders if the video was on a specific topic.

    Thanks Sonya,
    Sue Bride recently posted…Brand Your Head – It’s Quite PainlessMy Profile

  7. Mary Austin says:

    I do have a couple of Pintrest boards including a video board. Other than posting, I don’t have the time to really get to know this social media. Maybe some day.

    • Sonia Freer says:

      It’s taken me a couple of years to get the time to look at Pinterest more closely Mary.
      We all have different priorities 🙂
      I only write these series for those that are looking to learn more about the topic as I find it fun to learn and pass on!

  8. I knew you could pin videos, because I’ve seen others do it. But if I ever did figure out how, I’ve since forgotten it. So thank you for this, Sonia! It will be helpful.
    Willena Flewelling recently posted…Bird in the HouseMy Profile

    • Sonia Freer says:

      I am stoked that you got value from this article Willena!

      Please get in touch if you get stuck – I hope I have explained it all clearly enough 🙂

  9. Liz Delaney says:

    Pinterest is cool. However, I know I need to use it more effectively. Thankfully I know there are those of you out there willing to help. Great post. Thanks.
    Liz Delaney recently posted…Friday Findings – 0to255.comMy Profile

  10. I love Pinterest. This just gives me more ways to play.
    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted…Back To School & SMART GoalsMy Profile

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