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Team Site TrafficHold on to your seats because the Team Site Traffic Pre-Launch starts Tuesday, June 10, 2014.  During the pre=launch you’ll learn about this innovative product.

In fact, it’s actually a plugin, designed to be used with the WordPress blogging  platform. The creator of this smart program is Gavin Mountford.

Affiliate marketing has become a well respected way to earn an income online. Doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or are seasoned. Affiliate marketing has been around for some time.

Learning about pre-launches gives you an advantage to earn money by promoting programs and cashing in on the rewards from the start. Once a launch has closed, the product could be unavailable for a while, or set as an “evergreen” program – meaning it’s available all year long. 

Product developers are always looking for people to promote their products – Affiliates. The commissions affiliates can earn vary around 50% a tad more of less depending on the product and the developer.

Now, Team Site Traffic is a smart program. It’s power lies in the ability to turn your website into a “team building monster”!


Well, let’s say you are a networking/internet marketer and you have an opportunity,  and many other people have the very same opportunity online.

With Team Site Traffic you can set yourself apart because you can transform your website into a TEAM website. Here’s what happens…

  • your team, downline, followers, com to your website where they read articles that you have published
  • you become the “Go-to” person in that niche because the more people that come to your website, the more traffic is generated which increases Google rankings
  • your team members are given a special link they can post anywhere and they will get the credit for the referrals
  • this plugin can also reward team members for the referrals by displaying a link to their opportunity or – their TEAM site

This is an innovative program designed to help you build a strong online pretense, generate more traffic, more leads, and more cash to you and your business.

As I mentioned earlier, it can help someone just starting out or an affiliate marketer.

If you want to get in on this pre-launch to learn more about Team Site Traffic, check out our …

 Afiliate Rotator

where you’ll see a link to this product. You’ll be supporting one of our members too.

 Here are two websites that post product launches. You never know, you may find something to promote, if you do, buy the product. You’ll be more passionate about it if you’ve tested it yourself and actually like it.



Team Site Traffic




The PAC Team

Thanks for shopping at PAC

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.ads in wordpress


Lesly is by professional trade a registered nurse turned network/internet marketer. She is the founder of Power Blogging and Affiliate Community, and co-founder of the Power Affiliate Club. Lesly also teaches people how to create videos. She believes the best opportunities are the ones self-generated. Lesly is also an artist and author.

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9 comments on “Team Site Traffic Product Review
  1. dexterroona says:

    Awesome review of Team Site Traffic

  2. Hi Lesly,

    This sounds like a great tool to use for WordPress. Anything that helps bring traffic to a site is a “must-have” in my book.

    • Hi Monna,
      It is, and it creates an opportunity for any owner of a website to turn it into a community site and a bunch of other cool things. So very excited to be promoting it

  3. Hey Lesly, I did get a few e-mails about this launch but really hav e not taken a close look at them yet, I guess its time HUH?? Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

  4. This seems like it can bring some awesome traffic to our websites. I have not heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.
    Nathaniel Kidd recently posted…What is Frugal LivingMy Profile

  5. Another thing to remember is to have your own ad. A lot of times affiliates marketers have published the same ad two or three times done by advertisers. In this case, you may email the owner of your affiliate program asking that you make your own ads. This way, people may not become immune to ads, because sometimes seeing the same ads over and over again, may just make your potential customers to just skip it all together. Besides, your primarily purpose is to attract or encourage people to click and read your ads and be curios enough to click through your website.

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