All it takes is an idea and the means to execute it, which is what we have here at the Power Affiliate Club (PAC).

Monna Ellithorpe had the idea of supporting members of the “Our Power Blogging Tribe” community by promoting their affiliate programs. But also buying from them. So why not figure out a way to do that!

Her concept was this: That people usually go straight to the company to purchase products instead of buying from an Affiliate of that same product, program, or service. So, the Affiliate struggles to earn a commission.

The question became, why not buy from people you know, like, and trust, who are Affiliates of products you’re looking for! It’s a win-win!

Thus the “Affiliate Shopping Mall” was created – the Power Affiliate Club.

Lesly Federici just executed the idea and brought it to life by creating this website. The Power Affiliate Club is the outcome of Monna’s idea.

Thank you Monna!

About Monna:




After almost 5 years on the internet, it’s time for me to give back
some of the knowledge, inspiration and comfort I have received when I needed it.

YOU CAN do anything you set your mind to. I am a survivor; If I can do it so Can YOU!

I am a widow with 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren. I started back working online
after my husband passed away in 2008. I am also a caregiver to my 2nd mom with Alzheimer’s

After quite a few false starts online, I found that my interest was in writing. I have been
writing all of my life but never thought of publishing anything. So now I am a published
author. I have a writing workshop group on Facebook.

I offer publishing services and basic blog setup for those who don’t want to take the time
to learn it. I also like to do affiliate sales of products I use and from Amazon and other
online stores.

Monna Ellithorpe

Skype: monna.ellithorpe

Phone: 941.275.9712


About Lesly




By trade, Lesly is a Registered Nurse (RN) who specialized in Labor & Delivery. She’s been teaching childbirth education for years and in fact created her first website in 1998 dedicated to the topic (and is still functioning).

Over the years she morphed into an internet “junkie” and became proficient in building websites, especially blogs, and discovered a true love for anything having to do with being online.

She’s the founder of the :Our Power Blogging Tribe” group on Facebook. It encourages members to blog while generating instant traffic, engagement, and interaction on their sites from other members. Lesly is also an artist,author, and a “Focus” Coach. She also runs a weekly Focus group to help others see their ideas come to fruition and stay on track to accomplish them.

You can reach Lesly on Facebook

Lesly’s blog


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10 comments on “Publishers
  1. marilynsway says:

    I figured out how to get myself registered! Yay!

  2. lizdelaney says:

    Fantastic idea ladies. Your both rock!!!!!!

  3. Diane Bester says:

    I can login great with the new info you gave me. Great autobiography, both you and Monna!

  4. Sue Bride says:

    The idea, the means to execute PLUS a lot of dedication and hard work to get it going. Thanks Lesly and Monna.

    • Hi Susan,
      Well, when there’s a vision and then it turns into reality.. you just never know what happens. I am hoping the absolute best of things to come.. so glad you are a part of it ๐Ÿ™‚ and thank you for the compliment, we appreciate it …

    • Hi Sussan,
      Thank you for all you do too! Your support, word of mouth, contributions, are very much appreciated ….

  5. Sonia Freer says:

    This site is so amazing! So much value, information, love and connection.

    Thank you ladies so much for creating something so amazing – and for sticking to it as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s to growth, friendships and success!


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