It’s Not About YOU

three1Hey everyone! I have been on a journey.. A journey of discovery.. Realization… Understanding…. I realized something… it has took me years to get it.. it’s not about ME…

It’s really not.. You know when you joined all those affiliate programs hoping.. just hoping that if you place the link in enough places that you might… just might make some sales… You know…spread those links everywhere.. after all that’s what your sponsor said to do.. right?


It’s sooo much harder when you are working on your own… Where is your support? Where is your shoulder to cry on when you get ZERO results? It’s frustrating.  You will inevitably burn out..

I know from experience.. I burnt out several times… I was burning all my cylinders and putting all my effort and time into doing the wrong things and getting ZERO money in… Then your relationships suffer… You start neglecting them…It was not meant to be that way.. Was it ?

Now let’s look at this from a different perspective…

Imagine you now have a team of people… This team help, They each have a task to do in helping you or your team site.. because EVERYONE is doing their bit then the pressure leaves you almost instantly…

No more staying up till 5:00 AM in the morning!

No more throwing so many links everywhere!

People just don’t read them anyway. Sure when you post to groups people might ‘see’ your post but they don’t take action do they? You could post to 1000 groups with 1000 people in each group and only get 5 sales if you are lucky.. Facebook was not built for was built for being social.. so go BE SOCIAL.. talk to people.. help people..give VALUE...

The more people you help become a success the more people will help you become a success that is a long known phrase… in its simplest form it just means HELP PEOPLE …

The pressure is gone.. You can go and do all the things you want…. Go for a drive… Go out for some food.. You can even go on holiday… Once your team is established and working well… you can relax…. it’s funny.. You can only start living your life when you don’t need to worry about life…. Stop worrying and enjoy life.

Yes you have struggled for years… Let me save you 5 years of stress… 

1) Stop sending links everywhere

2) Work with your front-line team and help them

3) Offer value before EVER ask for anything in return..

4) When you do a hangout..use the On Air version.. Password the file in Google+ and use it for future training.

5) Enjoy yourself.

I hope you have found this useful..

 William O’Toole


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24 comments on “It’s Not About YOU
  1. Hi William,

    Great post. You are absolutely right about it being much easier to work with a group and help each other.

    The sharing of ideas, support and motivation is priceless in a group you feel comfortable in.

    Have a great afternoon. Monna
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…#4 LinkedIn – 6 Part Social Media Series -Cross PostingMy Profile

    • William O'Toole says:

      Thank you Monna. It took me a while to realise that is is not about ME.. it’s about THEM or THE TEAM… it is so much more beneficial to work as a team for team results.

  2. Dawn Golden says:

    My internet-marketing peeps have been a great blessing to be, The support and assistance that has been poured forward from my accountability friends and group members has been amazing… and I am happy o help others in return!
    Dawn Golden recently posted…Practicing Gratitude Is A GiftMy Profile

    • William O'Toole says:

      Yes Dawn.. it is fantastic to be able to pick brains and work together.. No matter what avenue you go down in life … everyone works as a team even if you don’t see it right away.. Bus drivers… Traffic wardens… Police… All working as a team.. with backup… we all need backup sometimes. Thank you for your message.

  3. It kinda takes the pressure off, doesn’t it, William… quit trying so hard, relax and help people and success will happen. It will be a real paradigm shift for many, but a welcome one for those who can see the truth of it.
    Willena Flewelling recently posted…Baby StepsMy Profile

    • William O'Toole says:

      Yes WIllena.. The pressure is relieved a lot. I used to work on my own.. Pulling all my hair out.. what little I have.. now its not so bad.. we are building a community.. That is where the power is. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Merle says:

    Great post William and it certainly does make a big difference when you are working with a team. I think a lot of us have all been there when starting out but we live and learn daily. Thanks for sharing.
    Merle recently posted…Baby Boomers and Social MediaMy Profile

    • William O'Toole says:

      Yes Merle.. We have all been there..Working on our own.. using stolen pockets of time.. but when you have 20 people all using 30 minute bursts you would be amazed at what can happen 🙂 Thank you for your comment.

  5. Sonia says:

    Great post William.

    I have been with organisations that teach ‘saturation’ of friends, family, unsuspecting public.
    I have also been with organisations that teach the ‘work with your frontline’.
    The best however, has been the training to lead my frontline with the example of showing them how to work with THEIR frontline before moving on 🙂
    It is so true though that it is not all about ‘You’ or ‘Me’. Its the bigger picture, The collective dream and the goals we help each other achieve.

    Wise words my friend.
    Sonia recently posted…Follow others on PinterestMy Profile

    • William O'Toole says:

      Yes Sonia… I hear a lot work with the 80% of the most effective people in your organisation the other 20% wont work no matter what you do… but if you can work with the people that deserve your time then your business will fly. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Dexter Roona says:

    Nice article William yes its about the team, they can spread the load and make it easier, its still hard work but much more manageable
    Regards Dexter
    Dexter Roona recently posted…Circloscope Guide And TutorialMy Profile

  7. Hey William,

    Great tips to the point. So true.
    When I first started posting links everywhere, I thought that was it.
    And when reality bites many gave up. Building relationship on social media is a long term journey. Be patient, be helpful, be willing to learn, be willing to fail and in long run results will surely come.

    Best wishes,
    Justin Iskandar recently posted…10 Strategies to Increase Your Facebook Posts Engagement | InfographicMy Profile

    • William O'Toole says:

      Yes Justin.. I find you need to fail a LOT… The more you fail the more you will succeed.. Some people laugh when I say that… but it’s true… I guess it’s just like falling off your can either stay down or get up. what are you going to do? You get up and you keep going… you fall down… you get up… eventually you learn how NOT to fall down but to ride… then you have so much confidence you soar!

      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Scott says:

    Group work ‘can’ be much easier, but only if everyone does their share. There always seems to be one person who just doesn’t live up to everyone else’s expectations.
    Scott recently posted…Outdoor Sports and Fair Skin Do Not MixMy Profile

  9. Hi William,

    Working with a team is more efficient than going at it all alone. I see some of my buddies out there stagnant trying to do the “one man sow” routine and they have never even started to market.

    Truth is, we cannot do it all alone, we need others in order to be productive.

    donna merrill recently posted…Sidebar BlindnessMy Profile

  10. Hello William, You are oh so right, Team Together everyone achieves more! Going it alone is very lonely!!! No one should do this, find someone who is doing what you want to do and join them.. Awesome Post. Thanks for sharing Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Your Daily Method Of Operation Is Your Guide To SuccessMy Profile

  11. Mary Austin says:

    I thought I understood about teamwork. Then my hometown basketball team, the San Antonio Spurs gave the concept a whole new meaning. I don’t enjoy watching team sports at all but even I was fascinated by this team and enjoyed watching their personification ot teamwork.
    Mary Austin recently posted…Create Related Articles Using Zemanta Editorial AssistantMy Profile

  12. NT Izuchi says:

    Great post! Brings us back to the basics of how to get what you want. Service to many leads to greatness! If only people really cared to help others they could see how simple it is to succeed in business!
    NT Izuchi recently posted…Internet Marketing Strategies For Beginners | What You Need Right Now!My Profile

  13. Sue Bride says:

    I agree wholeheartedly about team work. I’ve benefited so much from being in what I call “caring, sharing groups”.

    I’m not sure your time was wasted, William. To be able to lead or support your team members you need knowledge and experience, which no-one has when they start out. I was always willing to help and ran team builds too but I didn’t know enough to do it properly. There are so many wrong ways to do things that are taught as being standard.

    Neither did I have the paid tools and resources needed to maximize the benefits for myself and my teams. Even though I could build WordPress sites right from the beginning I didn’t have autoresponder, with their campaign facilities nor the premium plugins needed to help promote team members.

    I didn’t know the right people to join who would help where my knowledge was lacking because they knew I’d put the work in. . No-one knows everything of course, but if you are in a team that fosters a supportive attitude, members can complement each other by doing and teaching what they are best at. This also saves time, time to spend on doing and teaching what you know best yourself.

    One issue I find with trying to build teams is living down a poor reputation of marketing team work, created by the many people who claim to help and support but don’t. This is partly because they don’t know how but also because of lack of trust because of bad experiences with teams.
    Sue Bride recently posted…Brand Your Head – It’s Quite PainlessMy Profile

  14. The more people you help become a success the more people will help you become a success . This is the platform of my business. I do not believe in competition, I believe in support teams.
    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted…Editorial Calendar for Blogging SuccessMy Profile

  15. Great advice, especially don’t post all your links and give value. This is essential to show you are a leader.

    Thanks for sharing

    Andy Lockhart recently posted…5 Great Plugins for WordPressMy Profile

  16. Liz Delaney says:

    Great post here, William. What you say is true. A team which is supportive of each other and builds on each other’s strengths is what it’s all about. We can’t go things alone. Too much pressure and then we crash and burn. Build your team and Lead by doing.
    Liz Delaney recently posted…IBO TUBE is cool…My Profile

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