It’s All About YOU

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Hey Readers …  
Before we get going I would like to let you know a little bit about myself.. I am William O’Toole. Dad to 3 beautiful little boys aged between 15 months to 5 years. They sure do keep me busy. I have been working the online scene for a few years. 

I think it is fantastic what Lesly is doing here.. She is following a lot of what Jim Rohn says:

When marketing anything online either as a marketer or as an affiliate can be challenging, maybe you work full time, maybe you have other responsibility’s, maybe you work 14 hour shift’s and time just runs away with you. 

Your way out is to consider creating additional income without working any harder, You could try going to your employer and asking for a raise.. But you already know what the answer is before you even walk into ‘the’ office…

Before you can decide what you want to do you need to understand the difference between an affiliate marketer and a network marketer:

An affiliate marketer usually makes a commission for the item that has been sold through their link. This amount can vary from 10% all the way up to 50% Sometimes even more.


A Network Marketer in most cases sells products too but rather than just one sale one commission he also shows other people how to recruit others to do the same thing and when your team grows you make money from the team sales as well as your own sales.

The beauty of this system comes when the team duplicates and their team duplicates.. You start to build a family and you get paid from every member once they have sold the product. 

Now there will be up’s and downs in each business model. With Affiliate marketing only YOU are accountable.. If you don’t put the effort in, if you don’t SEO your site, if YOU don’t blog, If you don’t promote the site, If you do nothing then you will get a ZERO check from your company.

However with the Network Marketing option.. get this.. YOU only need to work ONCE… if you work for 90 days straight. If in that time if you recruit top people into your business and IF they duplicate then you can easily have 90 people in your business all doing the work and you get paid from it all.

It can’t be bad right? You can at that point stop. Then focus on helping your team. You will do this along the way. but once you reach your desired goal you can purely focus on training at this point.

You are a pure leader offering help, inspiring your team to grow, leading the people in your organisation…

A True Leader does exactly that.. Helps the people.

 William O’toole


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12 comments on “It’s All About YOU
  1. Sue Bride says:

    You and I believe in the same principles, William. I think that everyone who sells anything online needs to be a network marketer Even if you are selling individual products you need to network and show others how to get the best out of their purchases. Blogging to inform, support to build up trust and get yourself known has a flow on effect right down if you use these methods.

    If you promote anonymously and don’t connect with your downline, customers or clients, you might have some initial success but it’s not sustainable. Motivation can wane because working long hours alone is isolating. Developing a thriving community for mutual support helps spur you on and gives you motivation to keep going, to be consistent, and to do your best.

    We read about the value of having accountability partners but when you commit to Network Marketing that is the best form of accountability. You don’t want to let others down. If you do you know that your own business will suffer too.

    • William O'Toole says:

      Yes Sue! It’s all about relationships.. People need to trust you.. You only get that by talking… networking…communicating… People just don’t want to do that these days, They want the quick bucks… it just does not happen that way.

  2. Nice point given here William.
    I love the idea of having multiple source of income. As an affiliate and network marketer, we get to learn the best of two. The most important lesson is the continuity of relationship between us and our market. By educating, by being-there, by believing the product or services that we provide. It creates the leader in all of us .. in the long run.

    • William O'Toole says:

      Thanks Justin… Multi streams… You just can’t get that in a J.O.B. The world is changing all around us.. We need to have a plan A, B, and c.. Sharing the risk 🙂

  3. Diane Bester says:

    William, that is a great comparison, afilliate to network marketer. I have tried both. You are right about teaching and training, that is key. That and developing a great relationship with your associates. Thanks for the great article!

    • William O'Toole says:

      Hi Diane.. great to hear from you… There are so many routes people go down to attempt to make money online.. People just need to understand it is a process and takes a lot of time and energy and focus to succeed.

  4. Great article William. Leadership and training add so much value especially when going full out and training an affiliate army.

    • William O'Toole says:

      Hi Becca. Thanks for your comment. Leadership comes first.. then the training.., then your team do the training which turns them in leaders… It’s a great cycle.

  5. William, great article, Network Marketing is always a sifting and sorting games to get those stars who will work all out to get massive action. After all if you listen to most of the big money earners it is only takes a few people to make a difference.

    Thanks for sharing


    • William O'Toole says:

      Thanks for your comment Andy… Life is a game.. it is all about learning the right moves 🙂 It takes time.. Most people don’t want to wait.

  6. Dawn Golden says:

    Some companies seem to be blurring the line between affiliate and network marketer, and using the term ‘affiliate’ more and more. Perhaps mostly because there are less negative vibes associated with it. Affiliate marketing is fairly new to me and it seems silly to not have an associate benefit from a transaction that would otherwise be lost or go to a stranger. The PAC relationship make sense! Happy to be apart!
    Dawn Golden recently posted…Practicing Gratitude Is A GiftMy Profile

  7. Thank you for sharing a bit about you, your family and what is working for you.
    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted…Back To School & SMART GoalsMy Profile

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