How To Get Your Posts Noticed On Social Sites

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Norma Doiran I know, it’s hard to compete with all that noise, many posts are competing for the attention of your fans/friends!

 The primary reason that people are there is to be entertained, they are looking for things to buy.  Remembering this one fact will help you keep in front of your newsfeed.

 Pinning using Pinterest and Instagram is no doubt important in modern branding as it is the creative marketplace for visibility of a brand.  Stunning pictures “grab” attention.

Post a regular stream of stunning photos, which have information about your latest discounts and links readers to the discount offer.  This works well on Facebook also.

 The main buzzword “attraction marketing” which is—sharing content that is helpful, social and serves your readers, not about your business’ products.  To do that you need to focus on the benefits of your products and focus on that.  How can that positively impact your reader’s lives?  How can you focus on a need they might have and make your product satisfy that need to make them want to jump at it and see more? 

 By clicking a “like” or “share” indicates to Facebook that your post is interesting to your readers.  You need that initial engagement.

To help make sure of the best possible chance of having your Facebook posts noticed, you should always schedule your posts to be published at the time your readers are most likely to be looking at their Facebook news feed. There are various tools out there that make it easy to schedule your Facebook updates.

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Be Funny

 You can post funny, entertaining and colorful posts around your product, even to include things that might not even be related.  Try little game posts, like “how many ___ do you see?”  “If you could just _____ what would you do?”

Relating Inspires

 Perhaps you can relate your product to a recent event that everyone can relate to, and somehow tie it into that event, or trigger an emotion around that event.  Ask for their input.  For instance, if you have a health related product, you might want to post a famous bike race and comment on stamina and what that can do for their life.

 Offering a free incentive works well also.  Like introducing a new ebook and a chance to download a free copy by going to a link that asks for their contact info.  This can be done with a Facebook fan page tab app too.

Offer Contests

 You can now run a contest from your own business page on Facebook.  It increases your reader participation and your rankings with Facebook.  Do do this you invite your readers to enter a contest (or giveaway) by “liking” or commenting on a post.  It works fast to increase engagement with your page.

 Create photo contests, let your readers post their favorite pictures, the engagement creates affinity for your business and improves your branding and audience.  Works well on Pinterest and Instagram also.  Don’t forget to hash-tag!

Be Inspiring

 Posting motivational or inspirational posts invokes a particular response from your readers, which in turn increases engagement with them and affinity for your business.  It is a great relationship building tool.

 Engage larger audiences by having them like a post that inspires them which is related to your product, like a post about a cause and how they feel about it.  In the post ask for their like, share, and comment.  The new engagement will increase your business awareness.

Use Video

 Post a funny video and ask a question that evokes a response, like “what would you name this?”  This provokes an affinity for your business.  Remember, your readers also want to be entertained, and engaged.  The more shares, the more viral your business goes!

 Simple posts that include Branded image updates, a related hash tag and focuses on shares will have an attraction impact that is HUGE.  Know your target audience and play to their interests as well as their emotions.  Here is a great example by Norma Doiron, founder of Savvy BIZ Solutions:

 Diane Bester

(photo credit: Norma Doiran)

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11 comments on “How To Get Your Posts Noticed On Social Sites
  1. Hi Diane,
    Very good post with some ideas I hadn’t thought about. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day.

  2. Hi Diane,

    What great advice you have given here. I know that scheduling posts on Facebook saves a heck of a lot of time! I usually have a theme of the week. It revolves around my current blog post. Then on Facebook I schedule two times per day something fun that relates to my blog post.

    Oh boy..contests are absolutely fun! I do them every other week. It is a great way to boost engagement on our FB Business pages.

    And of course, funny stuff always works.


    • Diane Bester says:

      Donna, have you found that your engagement has went up doing these extra things? I love to pre-schedule my posts, because life has a way of “getting in the way” Diane

  3. Diane,

    I like your suggestions for getting more engagement on Facebook. It is fun to share posts but it is important to find a way to engage your friends, to attract them to comment and share your posts.


    Dr. Erica

    • Diane Bester says:

      Erica, You are right, engagement is key to your success on the social sites. It takes a little extra work and planning, but the payoff is worth it! And the relationships that you build are a big bonus! }H{ Diane

  4. Great information, the other one is ask questions to get engagement. You will always be fighting the Algorithm Gods but all these are great suggestions. Thanks for sharing Andy

  5. Dawn Golden says:

    Practical and simple ideas… my kind of stuff! Thanks for the great outline and suggestions for social media sites.

  6. EliseCohenHo says:

    Pinterest is one of my fave places to build brand awareness. It is often dismissed by business folks as a waste of time but I completely disagree. Certainly, there are some businesses that will benefit from Pinterest more than others but it should not be dismissed for any.

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