Give Yourself Permission To Be Who You Are


BlogStruggling With Direction and Focus?

For quite a few years now and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has struggled with what direction I should take my blog; personal, marketing, my interests, etc. 

 So I end up with quite a few blogs and not focusing very well on any of them. There is only so much time in a day.

 Power Blogging and Affiliate Community

I know I’ve mentioned the “Focus Group” I belong to before, which by the way, PAC is a product of that focus group. You can find it here: Power Blogging and Affiliate Community  You should check it out because it help to give me direction..

Sometimes It’s Right In Front of You

Now, back to the main focus of this post. A new friend of mine in the Focus Group, Elise Cohen Ho  took a look at my blog(s) and gave me her marketing opinion on what I should do with them.  Her critique of my sites were amazing eye openers for me.
Elise, spent some of her precious time over the last week looking over my blogs and getting an idea of what my “intentions” are and why I do what I love to do online.
 Her suggestions for me and my blogs (well, you’ll start to see changes taking place over the next weeks and months) were almost as if …

    Elise was giving me permission to be who I am and how to present myself to my readers so I could provide the “best” value and content to them each and every day…  


Be True To Yourself

Little by little but with hesitation, I’ve been in the process of combining my blogs, because each one of my blogs make me the person I am today. But almost every where online we are told to “Keep your niches separate from each other, don’t try to mix any together.”  

I wasn’t following my heart or letting myself be “me” in my blogging.  I have always thought that trying to keep up with so many blogs was putting a negative cloud over all of them and in time, due to not being able to focus on one blog, they will suffer and eventually fail.
Since it seems that Google is supposed to be “all about people” now and focusing more on content of a blog for the readers, then the content people will now be getting from me will be a combination and a mixture of who I am – sharing what I know, how I want to help others, and my overall beliefs in treating each other with kindness and love.  Be thankful for what you have and give back to those less fortunate.
Okay, it’s obvious I’m from the hippie era and that was all about peace and love but it still holds true for me today.

 Who Are You Online?

How about you?  Have you been fighting a battle online not knowing exactly how to present yourself?  Are you a marketer, a mother, a father, an artist, a writer?  Where do we draw the line with our blogs between who we are and how we can be ourselves and still share the knowledge we have with others?  
I’m grateful to Elise for helping me find and fit together this last little piece of the puzzle of who I am in this big internet world. I have a sense of freedom to finally create a blog that I am comfortable with and can freely share my knowledge and expertise with others.
If any of this resonates with you in any way while trying to create your presence online, then I hope that you too will take a step toward being more of who you really are and not what some internet robot spits out in an analytic report.
By the way, Elise will be facilitating the new “Blog Tank” Hangout in our community starting Monday, July 21, at 3:00 PM.

So, my overall advice for you and your blog is to:

1.  Be yourself.

2.  Share your knowledge openly and freely.

3.  Let your personality come through in your blog by design and layout.

4.  Share your talents with others.

5.  Every day do something good for someone without expecting anything in return.

I would also like to wish Elise and her husband a Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more happy years.

Monna Ellithorpe / Blue Jean Writer


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I am a writer/author of various published works. I became a widow in August of 2008 and after what seems like a lifetime going through my grief and recovery process, I realized I have the ability and the need to give back to others for the support and encouragement I received in my time of need. All you have to do is to reach out through modern technology and you will never be alone again. Search within yourself to to discover the hidden creativity that makes you special; create it, share it and give it back to the world.

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36 comments on “Give Yourself Permission To Be Who You Are
  1. Great post ,Monna ,
    I think the same ,separating the blogs is feels
    somehow not good 🙂
    I like to be me as well .
    lets see what we can learn from Elise
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted…Habibou – Is He Really Scam ?My Profile

  2. Sue Bride says:

    I’m a hippie era product too, Monna. Long skirts, embroidered Afghan coats, cheesecloth. I even had a cowbell necklace 🙂

    I too have had other blogs but always concentrated more on my main one. I now focus on it exclusively, partly because I now know where I’m going but it’s also the area that interests and motivates me the most.

    I do need to do some work on it, adding some pages etc to make it clear what I’m doing apart from blogging. I might have to have a word with Elise!
    Sue Bride recently posted…Brand Your Head – It’s Quite PainlessMy Profile

    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for commenting, my fellow Flower Child. When I am done I will still have 2 blogs but not 4 to try and keep up with. I am looking forward to the change.

      Have a great evening. Monna
      Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…#6 Pinterest – 6 Part Social Media Series -Cross PostingMy Profile

    • Sonia says:

      Love the ‘inner hippie’ reference ladies! I too went through a little of that in the 80’s, silver jewellery, flowing skirts and everything smelling of incense 🙂

      I’d just like to add that I have also been guilty of having blogs all over the place, not focussed on any one course and am not reining in all of my knowledge and concentrating on what value I can give. Learning how to create pages on my site was the best thing! Ensuring that every article contains something of value for the reader is also a priority for me. I just used to write stuff and hit publish without knowing what I wanted to accomplish.
      Thanks to this group and guidance from Gavin Mountford, Beth Hewitt. and Lesly Federici I look forward to opening my wordpress every day to create 🙂
      Sonia recently posted…Pinterest Event PlanningMy Profile

  3. NT Izuchi says:

    Some really awesome points you made in this post. It’s really about finding your voice online rather than trying to copy cat something else. Of course take bits and pieces from your best source but ultimately make it yours. Awesome value here!
    NT Izuchi recently posted…Facebook Marketing Training TipsMy Profile

  4. Hey Monna,

    Thanks for the tips.
    We never know who we will meet online and having a Focus Group sure helps.
    Wonderful idea of helping people without expecting anything in return.

    Love and Peace.
    Justin Iskandar recently posted…How to Increase LinkedIn EngagementMy Profile

  5. This post is so full of ‘realness’ Monna – in our online blogging journeys, we often start several blogs, and groups or fanpages and I know the feeling of putting on a different hat when working on different interests or businesses.
    I’m working on a plan to fulfil and connect all parts of my online presence and just like you really want to be ME all the time in all places.
    Sometimes we do need permission to be ourselves!
    and how fantastic for Elise to have facilitated this process for you. I do hope to be able to join you sometime on Blog Tank and meet the group:)
    I GET the Hippie bit too… Love and Peace :*
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…A Mega Funky Feature Is Added To Team Site TrafficMy Profile

  6. Sonia says:

    Hey Monna!

    This is a really great post and a reality check for several of us I’m sure – me included. You made me reflect on what I am creating and whether I am being true to myself and letting ME shine through. I think I am and I’d like anyone that thinks otherwise to give me a poke!

    I think your journey is amazing and a path trodden by many of us too.

    You are relateable and real and I look forward to seeing you more and more. 🙂
    Sonia recently posted…Traffic and PinterestMy Profile

  7. Monna,

    Thank you for all of the kind words, love and support. It was an absolute pleasure to poke through your websites and learn more about you. We will absolutely get you reconnected to your authentic self in a way that makes perfect sense to you.

    I am excited to help, and learn from, our “Reconnection Team” through the Blog Tank and all of the other great offerings of the Power Blogging and Affiliate Community.

    I look forward to seeing everyone at 3pm PST every Monday.

    Thank you for the anniversary wishes. It was a wonderful celebration and proof that sometimes you need to take time off from work and just have fun.

    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted…Editorial Calendar for Blogging SuccessMy Profile

  8. Hi Monna,

    Wow…do I know that feeling. I didn’t have a few blogs, but when I started, I was all over the place with my content. I had not focused at all on the marketing aspect of blogging.
    But, as I went on, I learned. Focus was the key point of my blog and my message I wanted to give to people.
    Now, after years of falling down and skinning my knee, I can focus on “running” my blog.

    Wishing you all the best,
    donna merrill recently posted…Why Is Google Like My Ex?My Profile

  9. Dexter Roona says:

    Great post Monna, very clear and concise, i really can’t disagree with anything that you have written
    regards Dexter
    Dexter Roona recently posted…Boost Social Media Sharing With Social LockerMy Profile

  10. Excellent post, Monna — and timely for me. I have tried having 3 blogs… I currently have 2… and I want to have only 1. Right now I don’t know how to do that, but it’s on my agenda. I’m looking forward to seeing how your blog looks when you’ve finished changing things.

    Willena Flewelling recently posted…Bird in the HouseMy Profile

  11. Great information Monna something for everyone to keep in mind
    “Be True To Yourself” that is so important.
    Keep it coming.

  12. Liz Delaney says:

    Great advice here Monna. I need to work on connecting all the dots. This is where I struggle the most.
    I appreciate your honesty and openness, Monna.
    have a great weekend.
    Liz Delaney recently posted…Friday Findings – 0to255.comMy Profile

  13. HI Monna,

    This my first time commenting on your blog. I have to say I understand where you’re coming from. When I first started my blog I felt the same way. I felt torn to just strictly blog about business and not talk about my personal experiences. Then I realized that was not me and that I need to express myself in my blog and let my readers know who I am. My blog is primarily focused on small business and non-profits however I do sneak inspirational personal posts about once a month. That’s what life is about anyway not just business. It’s a balance of work and family.

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I totally get what you’re saying.

    Take care,

    Lillian De Jesus
    Lillian De Jesus recently posted…How to Use Networking & Social Sites to Get Your Blog Viral – Part 1My Profile

  14. Monna, this was such a great, from-the-heart post! I too was told to create one blog per niche so that I could have my links and topics per blog so as not to confuse people as to who I am and what I do.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m a complex person with various passionate interests. I will be taking your advice and combining my blogs in an orderly way so that I am totally “just me” online. I’m not too concerned about “all the rules.” How can I be me and count how many times my key-word phrase was used, counting how many posts before I promote my affiliate links, and so on. I’m writing for people not numbers or robots. I’ll remember “less is more” and to just share what I know in my own unique way.

    I know the right people will find me and that’s who I’m serving anyway. I look forward to learning much more from PAC! <3

    Thank you for being so honest Monna.

    Deborah A. Ten Brink recently posted…Why? For The Love Of Photography!My Profile

    • Hi Deborah,
      Thank you so much for your comments. We are always told to be ourselves but not online. After a while of separating my interests, I don’t think it has served anyone well, nor myself.

      I look forward to see who you are when you are “put back together in one place.”

      Thank you for your devotion to PAC and your contributions.
      Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…Be Consistent With Branding YourselfMy Profile

  15. Nice blog and thanks for share your a good piece of content with us.

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