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How To Get Your Posts Noticed On Social Sites

Norma Doiran I know, it’s hard to compete with all that noise, many posts are competing for the attention of your fans/friends!

 The primary reason that people are there is to be entertained, they are looking for things to buy.  Remembering this one fact will help you keep in front of your newsfeed.

 Pinning using Pinterest and Instagram is no doubt important in modern branding as it is the creative marketplace for visibility of a brand.  Stunning pictures “grab” attention.

Post a regular stream of stunning photos, which have information about your latest discounts and links readers to the discount offer.  This works well on Facebook also. read more

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SOS – Has It Gotten Hold Of You Yet?

SOS - Has It Gotten Hold Of You YetSOS is defined as: an urgent appeal for help.  Starting online, I used to be one of these people and today, years later I remember and feel the total confusion of new people coming online.

SOS online means “Shiny Object Syndrome.” New people coming online seeking out a business opportunity or a way to start an online business and yes, even sometimes experienced people online fall prey to “Shiny Object Syndrome” which then leads to the original meaning of SOS (an urgent appeal for help).

It is sad and it also kind of reminds me of a shark feeding frenzy when new people start asking for help and asking questions and trying to learn how to work online.  They may get 100s to 1000s of people giving their advice on how to blog, how to sell something, how to, how to, etc. read more

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How Cool Is This

 SurpriseAlright, I think it’s awesome creating a program to support entrepreneurs online, like you.

We’re doing this in the ‘Our Power Blogging Tribe by commenting and syndicating member blog content. But now we have a program to help our members earn money by promoting their affiliate programs. A lot of money? No, depends on the participation in the Power Affiliate Club – and it’s in BETA. Testing it out to see how it goes….

If you’re a part of it, you can help us fine tune it and make it successful .. I see this place as sharing information about your affiliate program too! By blogging about it! read more