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Ways To Discourage Blog Visitors

Of course we don’t want to discourage blog visitors but many bloggers do, without realizing.  As bloggers we all want new visitors to return and become regular readers. We need as many people as possible to follow us and share our posts on Social Media platforms. Online Marketers need clients, sales or affiliates.

Here are some of the ways you may be preventing your blog from attracting return visitors, making it hard for them to follow you on social networks, and to buy from you or join you in business. read more

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Give Yourself Permission To Be Who You Are


BlogStruggling With Direction and Focus?

For quite a few years now and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has struggled with what direction I should take my blog; personal, marketing, my interests, etc. 

 So I end up with quite a few blogs and not focusing very well on any of them. There is only so much time in a day.

 Power Blogging and Affiliate Community

I know I’ve mentioned the “Focus Group” I belong to before, which by the way, PAC is a product of that focus group. You can find it here: Power Blogging and Affiliate Community  You should check it out because it help to give me direction..
  read more

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