CashUnite Product Review

idea3I love innovation and smart ideas. Here’s one for you ..

CashUnite (please visit our Affiliate Rotator to learn more about this opportunity)

The first concept is to “unite” people, to connect with friends and promote your business, which is absolutely awesome.

Where does the “cash” come in? Well, you earn a commission for every person you have that joins this opportunity.Β 

So here is more information taken from their website:

The Opportunity

With The Power Of People, Get Paid To Connect!

The Opportunity to become a CashUniter.

CashUnite seamlessly integrates the unequalled power of online social interaction with every Social Network and Email service provider in the world. With an unparalleled business opportunity that will allow you to capitalise in the ever expanding Social Network industry, the world is your oyster.

CashUnite is the World’s first, Multi-Social Network platform, enhancing a users ability to simultaneously connect and interact across their Social Networks, through one hub.

Our revolutionary Social hub means keeping in touch with friends and family just got quicker and easier.

With CashUnite, your friends, family, colleagues and contacts are all available at your fingertips! Gossip, share experiences, discuss ideas, post pictures, share music, add videos, express opinions – all your activity can be shared across your networks seamlessly.

By positioning your CashUnite business in front of worldwide social based trends, it can be as big and successful as you want it to be. Whether it’s improved health, more time and freedom, or better wealth, CashUnite can help you achieve your goals and realise your dreams. As a CashUnite entrepreneur, we put you first.

Check it out!

The PAC Team,

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Lesly is by professional trade a registered nurse turned network/internet marketer. She is the founder of Power Blogging and Affiliate Community, and co-founder of the Power Affiliate Club. Lesly also teaches people how to create videos. She believes the best opportunities are the ones self-generated. Lesly is also an artist and author.

11 comments on “CashUnite Product Review
  1. Hi Lesly,

    Thanks for the info. I signed up for this a while back and never got back to it. Shows how scatter-brained we can be at times.

  2. Sue Bride says:

    I love the Cash Unite features which you’d otherwise have to pay for separately Its a bit like Hootsuite/Pure Leverage/+ other things all rolled into one. I’ve used it from the start.
    Sue Bride recently posted…Team Site Success FormulaMy Profile

  3. Hi Lesly,

    Thanks so much for introducing me to Cash Unite. Didn’t hear about this one yet and it sure looks interesting to me.

    You have done a great job reviewing this so it is so easy to understand. Going over to check it out……

    donna merrill recently posted…Engagement BloggingMy Profile

  4. dexterroona says:

    I have also been in this from the site, the comp plan did change a few months back and it now pays 100% commissions to infinity, you keep your even number refs and pass up your odd ref numbers so for example if you join and Bob joins you you get $9.99 or what ever the package is they joined at providing your the same package or above, then you sign Sally she passes to your sponsor then you sign Fred and you get another $9.99 etc etc and this is on unlimited levels, so if you can build a team it can be very profitable indeed.

    As sue says it is indeed like Hootsuite crossed with Empower Network or Pureleverage, the blog system is very good as it does rank if you know a few seo tricks and are consistent with what you post and the quality, the viral images system is also useful. I have written a number of posts on how to use this and how it best works for ranking your sites, just drop me a message if your interested. Regards Dexter

    Ps is you do decide you want to give this opportunity a go then definately join via the Pac club rotator

    Regards Dexter

    • Sonia says:

      Sounds like you’re the go to guy for this one Dexter!

      You have submitted your Affiliate link to PAC right?

      I’m looking forward to checking it out.
      Sonia recently posted…Pinterest Event PlanningMy Profile

      • Dexter Roona says:

        Hi Sonia yeah i been in this since day one and my link is added i think Sue is added there as well, shes in my team, so anyone who is thinking of joining please join with Sue, you still get all my help and support thats a given, i think i need to update it cause my site is now a team site so i will need to check which link i have added in there.
        regards Dexter
        Dexter Roona recently posted…Boost Social Media Sharing With Social LockerMy Profile

  5. Sonia says:

    Wow! I can’t believe I missed seeing this one! I had not heard of Cash Unite and recently started trying Hootsuite which I am enjoying but still trying to get my head around.

    I will definitely check this out (via our rotator in PAC of course) and also visit Dexter’s site for more info.

    Thanks Lesly πŸ™‚
    Sonia recently posted…Twitterfeed SyndicationMy Profile

  6. Dawn Golden says:

    Gees… another shinny object. Make it STOP! Thanks for the review on this. Yet another thing I never knew about.
    Dawn Golden recently posted…A Sense of Community… OnlineMy Profile

  7. Interesting review, I have not heard of CashUnite before I read this post so I think I will go and check it out as sounds like it could be very good for anyone with an online business.

    best wishes

    Sarah Wainwright recently posted…Networking Superstars Team ReviewMy Profile

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