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Blogging MagicBlogging has become THE method to build relationships online, generate traffic to your business, the #1 way to establish the “know, like, and trust” factor, and earn an income through your blog on the internet.

We are in an era of humanizing the internet, creating quality content for viewers, and challenged by “instant gratification” and short attention spans.

And …

 6.7MM people publish blogs on blogging websites, and another 12MM write blogs using their social networks. (

There are close to 1 billion websites on the internet! That’s incredible, right?

So, with a new person, affectionately referred to as the “newbie”, coming online to make their mark on the internet , it’s not surprising how overwhelming it can be. So much that “newbies” give up.

They have no direction. No one they can trust right away for guidance. In fact, starting out on the internet is often is  a “hit or miss” experience. Learning by trial and error and spending lots of money while experiencing lots of frustration.

Well, there’s hope.

Recently, Donna Merrill created a program “Blogging Magic” which teaches, helps, directs, and guides people on how to create a blog.

Donna and her husband, David, have been online for years and know the inside scoop on what’s involved in not only creating a blog, setting one up, etc. But how to create a personal brand, how to promote, generate traffic, and have fun while doing it!

Because Donna, is the “life of any party” as they say when you’re in the presence of a compassionate, intuitive, smart, wise, and knowledgeable woman. You WILL get what you need to know to be successful with a blog, and all that comes with it, online.

What’s refreshing about  “Blogging Magic” is it’s presentation is honest. No bells and whistles, no long, dragged out sales letter, Donna and David don’t claim to be “gurus” or promise you’ll make a million bucks in one second.

No, they’re a team who offer a quality educational experience.

This is a program worth reviewing and I’m sure if you have any questions about it, you can approach Donna on her Facebook page


Blogging Magic


Thanks for Shopping at PAC

The PAC Team

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Lesly is by professional trade a registered nurse turned network/internet marketer. She is the founder of Power Blogging and Affiliate Community, and co-founder of the Power Affiliate Club. Lesly also teaches people how to create videos. She believes the best opportunities are the ones self-generated. Lesly is also an artist and author.

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34 comments on “Blogging Magic Product Review
  1. Sue Bride says:

    Well, they may not claim it but Donna and David are both gurus to me. I always read their excellent blog content and they are an example to us all in how to network online..

    • Susan,
      This is so true! And I’m so excited to see their program here …

    • Hi Sue,

      I am deeply touched by your comment. Me a Guru? How awesome is that! I don’t feel like one. I am following my passion and that is to help others come into the blogging world without getting all confused.

      I’ve been there and done that, and don’t want to see anyone go through what I did years back. It all starts with a plan, and then away they go on their blogging journey.

      I appreciate your kind words,


  2. dexterroona says:

    Any program that helps Bloggers is a welcome, i have for a very long time been of the opinion that bloggers need to help bloggers, and that’s why im on Leslys Facebook Group

    Hat / Tip to Sue for that 😉

    • Hi Dexter,
      Thanks for being part of our blogging group and PAC! It can be quite isolating as a blogger to do everything on your own … bloggers helping bloggers to get their message out, help them monetize their sites, and promote their affiliate programs is what we’re all about. So we appreciate your contribution 🙂 and thank you Sue!

  3. Congratulations to Donna and David on the release of their new product. I just met them a few months ago and we are fast becoming friends.

    Wishing you great blogging journeys and a great day. Monna

    • Hi Monna,

      Fancy meeting you here! Although we have known one another just a few months, it feels like we have been friends a long time.

      Blogging buddies are the best buddies!


  4. Hi Lesly,

    I want to thank you so much for doing a great review on my product. I so appreciate that my friend. You have gone the extra mile here showing that link that illustrates there are about a billion people on line.

    This is my first product because I was counseling newbies coming into blogging. Oh boy were they ever confused. So it had become a passion and I decided to produce this not only for newbies, but also for those who have been blogging and not getting juice.

    There is more in the can…which leads to a membership site. As I start doing more webinars, which will be paid ones, those on the membership site will have access to everything I do for free. Cool hugh?

    I’m enjoying so many folks joining Blogging Magic because I do give them a free session to map out what they want to accomplish. These folks are awesome! I feel blessed.

    Again, thanks so much for doing this.


    • Hi Donna,
      You are most welcome! I know what you have put together is excellent just because I know how committed you are to helping others, and because of your passion. What you’re offering sounds terrific and I’m looking forward to hearing more. Keep us informed! Maybe we can host a webinar 🙂

    • Sue Bride says:

      I talk to a lot of new bloggers and those thinking of starting. It’s great to be able to recommend a training program developed by someone I know and trust. I know they are going to get value.

      • Hi Sue,

        That’s why I just had to develop this product because I was spending lots of time with new bloggers and those that were thinking of starting. It made it so much easier to follow a blue print. Yes, we over did it, but hey, we wanted to provide as much value as we could.

        Plus there is a free consultation we do for those who do purchase this product. Especially great for those who are a bit lost in their direction. I know it takes a lot of our time, but it sure is worth it for both parties.

        We get to know those that purchase our product and then pick their brain as to what goals they want to achieve. It’s a win win!

        And yes, it is an affiliate product too!


  5. I think what Donna and Davis are doing is very much needed.
    To start blogging without help is a pain and I think I know Donna
    enough to say she is doing a great job for sure,
    I would recommend Blogging Magic especially to
    beginners .
    Thanks for this great product review

  6. I am sure Donna and David has tons of valuable experience and tips on blogging.
    So glad to be able to know them here and look forward to read more of Donna’s posts on her blog. We are always learning.

  7. Blogging Magic is a terrific name Donna! I just know this will be a fantastic product for bloggers, and I love that you have created this with true passion and to give help to all bloggers. It is a dog eat dog world out there, and I think you’ve just created a Shining Beacon for newbies to see the way 🙂

    • Awww…thanks Jacs!

      We are passionate about newbies, as well as those who are not getting enough juice on their blogs.


    • Hi Jacs,
      I agree with you.. Donna has many talents and if you ever go to her blog how and what she writes about is a fountain of information…. so I know this is a good program for any newbie to get started with …

  8. Mary Austin says:

    You sound like people who have a lot to offer and genuinely want to help others. Without a doubt you have much to offer and your program sounds wonderful.

    • Hey Mary,

      There’s no hype with Donna, so I really admire that in her, so very happy to promote her program …

    • Thanks Mary!

      The product is great for bloggers, especially newbies. It is an affiliate product, so it makes it easier for those in the market to have something to give folks instead of teaching them over and over again.

      If a person is an affiliate marketer, network marketer whatever, it is good to have on hand for those who are “under” you. It helps others to blog correctly and be on social media without spamming.


  9. Diane Bester says:

    This sounds like a great tool to use to get great blogs. Thanks for such a neat program. We can all use all the help that we can.

  10. Hi Diane,

    It is a cool tool to have so one can blog effectively. I know we have over-did it lol. But we wanted to put value into our product.

    I was coaching many newbies and/or people who were into network marketing. Teaching them how to get more “juice” on their blogs, create opt-ins, etc. BM will tell all! Plus it is an affiliate program!

    Just wanted to take the pain out of all the confusion when a new blogger comes into the on line world. I’ve been there and done that, so my passion is to help others get on board and do it correctly.


  11. Blogging for business is like so many other ventures… it’s tough to do it alone. Especially now, when it’s more complex if you want to get your blog link out there for those who need it. It looks like a fantastic product, David and Donna! One that will help many.

  12. Enstine Muki says:

    Donna and David and genuine and this program is surely what I recommend for starters and struggling bloggers.

    Congratulations Donna
    Enstine Muki recently posted…If content is KING, where is the KINGDOM? A must-read post!My Profile

  13. Liz Delaney says:

    I am glad to read this review. I am also glad that such a valuable product has been produced to help all bloggers. I am sure this will be of great assistance to us all.
    Liz Delaney recently posted…Friday Findings – 0to255.comMy Profile

  14. This is fantastic Donna and David! There are so many struggling to get started, confused, don’t know who to trust or turn to! I shared this review because I truly think it has value.

    I am looking it over for myself. Even though I’ve blogged in the past, things get quickly outdated so I want to see what I’ve been missing! 🙂

    I appreciate this review. As Sue Bride said in her comments above, it’s good to buy from someone I know and trust.

    Thanks Donna & David! Much success to you!

    Deborah A. Ten Brink recently posted…Why? For The Love Of Photography!My Profile

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