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It’s Not About YOU

three1Hey everyone! I have been on a journey.. A journey of discovery.. Realization… Understanding…. I realized something… it has took me years to get it.. it’s not about ME…

It’s really not.. You know when you joined all those affiliate programs hoping.. just hoping that if you place the link in enough places that you might… just might make some sales… You know…spread those links everywhere.. after all that’s what your sponsor said to do.. right?


It’s sooo much harder when you are working on your own… Where is your support? Where is your shoulder to cry on when you get ZERO results? It’s frustrating.  You will inevitably burn out.. read more

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It’s All About YOU

Hey Readers …  
Before we get going I would like to let you know a little bit about myself.. I am William O’Toole. Dad to 3 beautiful little boys aged between 15 months to 5 years. They sure do keep me busy. I have been working the online scene for a few years. 

I think it is fantastic what Lesly is doing here.. She is following a lot of what Jim Rohn says:

When marketing anything online either as a marketer or as an affiliate can be challenging, maybe you work full time, maybe you have other responsibility’s, maybe you work 14 hour shift’s and time just runs away with you. 

Your way out is to consider creating additional income without working any harder, You could try going to your employer and asking for a raise.. But you already know what the answer is before you even walk into ‘the’ office… read more