Author: Lesly Federici
Lesly is by professional trade a registered nurse turned network/internet marketer. She is the founder of Power Blogging and Affiliate Community, and co-founder of the Power Affiliate Club. Lesly also teaches people how to create videos. She believes the best opportunities are the ones self-generated. Lesly is also an artist and author.

Blogging Magic Product Review

Blogging MagicBlogging has become THE method to build relationships online, generate traffic to your business, the #1 way to establish the “know, like, and trust” factor, and earn an income through your blog on the internet.

We are in an era of humanizing the internet, creating quality content for viewers, and challenged by “instant gratification” and short attention spans.

And …

 6.7MM people publish blogs on blogging websites, and another 12MM write blogs using their social networks. (

There are close to 1 billion websites on the internet! That’s incredible, right?

So, with a new person, affectionately referred to as the “newbie”, coming online to make their mark on the internet , it’s not surprising how overwhelming it can be. So much that “newbies” give up. read more

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Product Highlight Power Lead System (PLS)

Power Lead SystemThese days, you have to stay ahead of the “pack” with a system that can bring you leads. This would include capture pages and an efficient email service.

All-in-one programs like Power Lead System can do this for you making it easy to run a business by have everything you need in one place.

One of our PAC members, Mary Austin,  gives you the scoop on her Affiliate program.

Power Lead System

No matter what kind of business you’re in, the life of your business depends upon a continuous stream of new customers and returning customers. read more

Product Highlight Bleu Page

As Facebook expands it’s opportunities to promote businesses on its platform, Facebook Marketing has exploded!

Tons of online products are bobbing up and down in the sea of must haves to get an edge on Facebook  business promotion.

So let’s take a look at Bleu Page, a tool packed, sophisticated program, that’s making a huge splash!

Not only that, some of the features will have you drooling.

So, what is it:

It’s a business marketing program you can use inside Facebook. That’s right. You can watch your own ads boldly scroll down the infamous “Newsfeed” as eager eyeballs read your offers – sweet. read more

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How Cool Is This

 SurpriseAlright, I think it’s awesome creating a program to support entrepreneurs online, like you.

We’re doing this in the ‘Our Power Blogging Tribe by commenting and syndicating member blog content. But now we have a program to help our members earn money by promoting their affiliate programs. A lot of money? No, depends on the participation in the Power Affiliate Club – and it’s in BETA. Testing it out to see how it goes….

If you’re a part of it, you can help us fine tune it and make it successful .. I see this place as sharing information about your affiliate program too! By blogging about it! read more